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Why Is Your Campo Athletic Boosters Contribution Important?

The Campolindo Athletic Boosters helps support all Campolindo High School athletes, athletic teams, parents and coaches. Our goal is to promote equity, sportsmanship and a healthy culture of competition to help maintain the tradition of excellence in Campo’s Athletic Program.

The Campo Athletic Boosters support Campo sports through:

  • facilities (our gym, fields, pools, weight room, etc)
  • shared equipment (scoreboards, lights, benches, etc)
  • live-streaming (at the Stadium, Gym, Pool, Ball Fields)
  • leadership, culture and sportsmanship training (for athletes and coaches)
  • staff stipends (Athletic Director, Athletic Trainers, sports communication)
  • special Title IX programs

The Campo Athletic Boosters raises funds in several different ways. We offer Athletic Boosters Memberships, we offer Annual Sports Physicals/Athletic Clearances and organize other fundraising events.

2023-24 Campo Athletic Boosters Funded Efforts

During the 2023-24 school year, the Campo Athletic Boosters has:

 - Deployed eight First Aid Stations on the Campo campu
 - Sponsored a Female Strength and Conditioning Program
 - Purchased shared equipment for six sports
 - Contributed to the Main Gym Sound System Upgrade
 - Refurbished Softball Bleachers and purchased  equipment
 - Installed Tennis Court and Softball Field windscreens
 - Purchased a Tennis Court surface dryer and vacuum
 - Funded the Stadium Scoreboard upgrade
 - Provided funding for coach Performance and Culture  training
 - Managed Campo's Live-stream effort
 - Funded Campo's C.A.R.E. Program for financial assistance to families in need

During the 2022-23 school year, the  Campo Athletic Boosters has:

  • converted the LAX/Soccer Storage Shed to a Team Room
  • sponsored and organized a Female-oriented Strength and Conditioning Pilot
  • upgraded Campo's Weight Room Equipment and aestheticinstalled nets and turf in the Softball batting cage
  • financially supported several smaller Campo teams
  • provided funding for athlete and coach training
  • managed Campo's Live-stream effort
  • helped found Campo's C.A.R.E. Program to offer financial assistance to those in need

Thank you Athletic Boosters Members

A BIG thank you to the 378 Campo Families who purchased a 2023-24 Campo Athletic Boosters Membership. And a special thank you to our Platinum and Gold Boosters Members:


The Becker Family
Anonymous Donor

The Graue Bloes Family
The McCasland Family
The McCool Family

The Parker Family
The Rendle Family
The Salazar Family

The Wilson Family
The Woo Family



The Allen Family
The Becker Simmons Family
The Beckwith Family
The Beld Family
The Biasotti Family
The Bickham Family

The Brock Utne Family
Anonymous Donor
The Childers Family
The Contreras Family
The Curran Family
CurveJumper LLC (Meyers Family)
The Daly Family
The Dougherty Family
The Fischer Family
The Fraser Campbell Family
The Frazier Family
The Tejada Gonzales Family
The Helder Family
The Kalpakjian Family
The Lim Family
The Ludwig Family
The Maguy Family
The Marchetti Family
The McDonough Family
The Bernard & Christie Moon Family
The Ana & Eric Moon Family
The Norton Family
The Olsen Family
The Owens Family
The Polichio Family
The Regan Family
The Roesch Family
The Sabnis Family
The Stephens Family
The Tringe Family
Anonymous Donor
The Weaver Family
The Wen Family
The Woodford Family
The Wang and Xu Family

2024-25 Campo Athletic Boosters Membership Purchase

2024-25 Campo Athletic Boosters Membership purchases are made available during the Campo Registration Process which begins the end of July.

Any questions, please contact 

2024-25 Campo Athletic Boosters Member Levels and Benefits

There are five levels of Campo Athletic Boosters Membership:

  • Platinum ($1,000)
  • Gold ($500)
  • Silver ($300)
  • Family ($150)
  • Individual ($50)

There different benefits associated with each level, including:

  • Membership Passes (each pass allows free entry for two people to regular season Campo sports)
  • Campo Gear
  • NFHS Live-stream subscriptions

The following Membership Levels are available: 

Benefits/Gear - 2023      Plat         Gold     Silver.   Family   Indiv. 
Booster Membership - Tickets 10 8 6 4 2
NFHS Annual Subscription 2 1      
Recognition (Gym/Field, websites) Yes Yes      
NCS/CIF Event entry for 4 plus parking (home) 1        
Athletic Clearance Coupon (Oct '24 or Jul '25) 1        
Campo Stadium Blanket (Tri-Color) 1 1      
Campo Umbrella (Tri-Color) 1 1      
Campo Backpack (Black) 1 1 1    
Campo Drawstring Bag (Red) 1     1  
Campo Travel Mug (Stanley Style-Navy) 2 1      
Campo Baseball Hat (Tri-Color) 2 1 1    
Campo Thin Line Sharpie Pen (or similar) 2 2 1 1  
Campo Bandana (Navy) 2 2 1 1  
Campo Mouse Pad (Navy) 1 1 1 1  
Campo Laptop Sticker (Red) 2 2 1 1 1
Campo Decal (White with Red) 2 2 1 1 1


2024-25 Campo Athletic Boosters Memberships will be available for purchase during the Campo Registration Process which begins the end of July. If you'd like more information about Campo Athletic Boosters Membership, please reach out to  

Membership Fair Market Value

For tax purposes, contributions made to the Campo Athletic Boosters 501(c)(3) may be tax deductible (consult you tax advisor).

The Fair Market Value of the Platinum Membership is $252. For Gold, $189. For Silver, $84. For Family, $40. For Individual, $23.

These amounts are based on the market value of the Membership gear and the use of one Membership Pass. For each additional Membership Ticket used, add $20 in Fair Market Value.

Campo Athletic Boosters Tax ID

The Campolindo High School Athletic Boosters is a California Non-profit organization recognized by the California Secretary of State (#C4659843) - and a 501(c)(3) organization as certified by the Internal Revenue Service (Tax ID#: 85-3832612).

Contributions made to organizations with 501(c)(3) status may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor to determine the  deductibility of this contribution.